Are you aged over 60? Have you signed up to our new and improved Club60?

Are you aged over 60? Have you signed up to our new and improved Club60?

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24 October 2018

What is Club60?

Club60 is our new and improved loyalty scheme designed to help learners aged 60+ get the most out of Kent Adult Education.

For every eligible course you enrol on you can gain points which can be exchanged for discount vouchers on additional courses, which put simply means Club60 allows you to “earn as you learn”.

Club60 is 100% free to join and always will be. It has been relaunched to reward the loyalty of our learners who aren't eligible to join Premium Club.

How do I gain points?

Points for Club60 are designed to be accrued on the basis that £1.00 of spend is equal to 5 points. e.g. a course costing £100 will generate 500 points.

Discount Vouchers to Points is listed below:

·         5% discount - 500 points

·         10% discount - 1,000 points

·         15% discount - 1,500 points

Please note: You can only gain points after you become a Club 60 member, and we cannot retrospectively generate points based on previous transactions when you weren't a member.

How do I check how many points I have and convert them into discount vouchers?

You can check how many Club60 points you have accrued by logging in and clicking "My Account" --> "Club60" or by following this link.

On this page there is a running total of your points, recent transaction history and a progress bar which lets you know how many points you are away from a discount. When you have enough points for either a 5%, 10% or 15% discount simply click the green "Convert" button and your points will be turned into a discount code.

Make a note of your discount code, and when you are ready to enrol on a course don't forget to apply it upon checkout.

Which Courses are eligible for points? 

Whilst the majority of our courses are eligible for points unfortunately Accredited courses, Partnership courses and Pay As You Go courses are not included in the Club60 promotion. This means they will neither be eligible for points or discounts.

For more information about Club60 please take a look at the frequently asked questions and terms and conditions and Terms & Conditions. 

I'm already a member of Club60, do I need to do anything?

Not at all, you have been automatically transferred to our new and improved Club60 loyalty scheme. Any existing vouchers you have, will continue to be valid until their expiry date, and you will start to collect points in the new loyalty scheme from your next course booking.

How can I join Club60 or find out if I am a member?

Depending on whether or not you already have an online Kent Adult Education account follow the instructions below. 

Current Learners (I have an account) - Sign-in, select "My Account" and then view your Marketing Preferences. Simply select the Club 60 checkbox providing you are eligible and save, and you will be redirected to the Club60 hub. If this box is already ticked then congratulations you are already a member.

New Learners (I don't have an account) - If you are a new learner who has yet to create an account then you can become a member when you sign up for the first time. Simply create a new account, enter your details, and select "Register for Club60" checkbox when you sign-up.



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