Dover – Study by the sea

Dover – Study by the sea

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25 April 2016

Commonly known as "The Lock and Key of England" due to its position on the coast as the literal and symbolic gateway Britain and the rest of Europe, Dover is a very important part of Kent. It's a town rich with history and is home to some of the most recognisable landmarks in Kent including Dover Castle, the iconic White Cliffs and one of the busiest ports in the world. The stunning scenery that Dover offers, notably the sea view and white cliffs, has inspired generations of artists, musicians and writers. Perhaps you're one of them?

Dover Discovery Centre

Opened in 2003, Dover Discovery Centre is the first integrated learning centre in Kent and is literally surrounded by the town's history. From the crescent of the Children's Library you can see the ruins of the church of St Martin-le-Grande, which was said to rival Canterbury Cathedral in size and stature, and from the other side of the building, the remains of the gateway of the Classis Britannica Fort are visible. The Discovery Centre is probably best known as the location of the adult, youth and children libraries, but within the complex sits the Dover Museum, the Discovery Nursery, a café, a cinema, a small theatre, Skills Plus and upstairs from the library, our own KAE centre. So if you find yourself with some time to kill before or after your course with us, there's plenty to do!

A hub for academic success

Many of our centres throughout Kent are equipped with studios to host a range of creative courses such as jewellery making and pottery, but the Dover Centre prides itself on its dedication to academic courses and helping you to make improvements to your life with our Personal Development provision, most notably our lipreading, counselling and computing courses. Perhaps you would benefit from gaining a GCSE qualification that you’ve been lacking which would benefit your career? We have new GCSE courses in both maths and English starting this September. The centre is equipped with plenty of large classrooms and computer rooms, and its location on top of the library is ideal for you to get some extra studying and research in before or after your course. For the more artistic type, Dover is also host to a range of drawing & painting courses, which is the perfect excuse for you to head outside and take advantage of the stunning scenery that the town offers. As Dover is just an hour or so away from Calais, it's only right that we have plenty of French courses designed for all levels. Whether you need the basics for your holiday, or you want to top up your skills, we have the Language course for you. Have we inspired you to come down to the coast and learn with us? Take a look at our full range of courses in Dover below. 

Courses in Dover

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