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KAE Skills - Our Learners' journey

Before joining a Functional Skills course with KAE, Rachel found the thought of studying daunting. Rachel describes her experience in her own words, and how she overcame the challenges she faced. Rachel has now successfully completed her English Functional Skills course, many congratulations to Rachel on her achievements.

For someone that has severe Dyslexia returning to college was a daunting and frightening prospect. But I was determined to succeed.
The sessions were fun, I enjoyed being able to ask questions and feedback was provided to me in a manner that I could understand. I asked frequent questions because that is how my mind stores information.
The material was delivered in a manner that was adapted to my needs. This eliminated some of the associated anxiety and left me craving further information and understanding.
The written exams provided the most significant anxiety but with the support of my tutor and my family and sheer determination I was able to prevail.
In the exams, I took on board the advice to not panic, answer what I could (with ease) initially and then pick away at the remaining questions later. This would extricate some of the anxiety and allow me significant time to combat what I found challenging.
It is difficult to explain to anyone that can read and write well how incredibly frightening exams like these can be. I feel very proud of myself for taking on this challenge and persevering through to the end.
This course should have taken a year, with the Dyslexia, I would have been given a year and a half but was completed in three months with the help and support of the tutor.

Rachel - KAE Skills learner