Accredited Courses

Accredited Courses Start This September - 2017/2018

Start your journey with us

Whether furthering your career or exploring a new direction, our range of Accredited courses puts you on the road to success

We offer a range of qualifications including Teaching, Counselling, Bookkeeping and Sugarcraft at a variety of levels, plus GCSEs in English and maths at select times in the year.

An accredited course will: 

  • hone your skills,
  • build your confidence, and
  • give you a qualification in the subject. 

Having the qualification will impress your future customers, and could help secure finance for your business.

Boost your career

Could you boost your career with the help of a qualification? Taking an accredited course could help your confidence, earn you more money or get you a promotion.

Getting a qualification means you improve the skills you already have, and also gives you the recognition you deserve.

Progress your studies

Do you have an enquiring mind? Do you want to progress your studies?

Boost your career, turn a hobby into a business, or just challenge yourself to see what you can achieve. It’s fantastic what learning can do for you.

KAE offers you the chance to take a course at a time of the day and week to suit you. Classes are available during the week in the daytime or evening, and at weekends. Learn with people like you under the guidance of our knowledgeable and supportive tutors.

You will normally need to speak to a tutor before booking on an accredited course. Browse online here then call 03000 41 22 22 and we’ll help you move onto the next exciting chapter of your life.