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French courses

Learn French with our wide range of French courses that will help you speak the language fluently and practise your reading, writing, and speaking skills. Whether you are a complete beginner and want to learn the basics or have previous experience of learning French and want to widen your grammar for conversation or writing, we have French courses for all abilities.

Would you like to pronounce words better and improve on your French accent? Our specialist tutors will help you identify and reproduce different and difficult sounds in French and recognise features of the French accent to help you improve on your language skills. Start your language journey today and join us in centre or online.

Language Self Assessment

For guidance on choosing the right course at the right level try our French self-assessment.

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French Beginners Plus - Spring - Broadstairs Library

BRO/117976/M/LC Location: Broadstairs Library , Broadstairs

French Beginners - Modular Course - B - Online Live

ONL/117383/M/LC Location: Delivered online

French Beginners Plus - Spring - Centre Based

ASH/117972/M/LC Location: Ashford Gateway (KAE), Ashford

French Advanced Plus - Centre Based

MAI/123281/M/LC Location: Oakwood House, Maidstone

French for All - 1h Conversation - Mars - Online Live

ONL/117810/M/LC Location: Delivered online

French Beginners Plus - Summer - Centre Based

CAN/117621/M/LC Location: Canterbury Adult Education Centre, Canterbury

French Intermediate Plus - Summer Course - Online Live

ONL/117764/M/LC Location: Delivered online

French Intermediate - Summer Course - Online Live

ONL/117363/M/LC Location: Delivered online

French Advanced Plus - Summer - Online Live

ONL/124933/M/LC Location: Delivered online

French Beginners Plus - Summer - Centre Based

SIT/119259/M/LC Location: Sittingbourne Adult Education and Head Office, Sittingbourne