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Brushes and paint palettes

Drawing & Painting courses

Understand the fundamental principles of Drawing & Painting as our tutors encourage you to discover and develop your artistic style. Our courses are available in a wide variety of different media, allowing you the opportunity to study the many aspects of this art. Explore drawing landscapes, painting with oils, drawing and painting buildings and many more. These courses are interactive, allowing you to create your own project and discuss different styles with your tutor and a small group of learners.
Our Drawing & Painting courses are taught by specialist tutors in our centres across Kent or delivered online and in real time. Join a Drawing & Painting course with us today and enjoy learning new skills and expressing your creativity.

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Art for Beginners - Improvers - Elham Village Hall

FOL/118250/M/PF Location: Elham Village Hall, Canterbury
Concessions £161.00

Introduction to Silverpoint - Online Live

ONL/119069/M/LC Location: Delivered online

Drawing and Painting - Absolute Beginners - Online Live

ONL/118430/M/LC Location: Delivered online

Drawing and Painting - Beginners - Online Live

ONL/122658/M/LC Location: Delivered online

Drawing and Painting - Improvers - Online Live

ONL/121887/M/LC Location: Delivered online

Only 4 places remaining

Drawing and Painting - Improvers - Online Live

ONL/123301/M/LC Location: Delivered online

Inspirational Living - Illustrating with Doodles - Online Live

ONL/123163/M/LC Location: Delivered online

Drawing and Painting - Beginners

BRO/109746/M/LC Location: Broadstairs Adult Education Centre, Broadstairs

Drawing and Painting - Beginners and Improvers - Homewood School, Tenterden

ASH/121923/M/PF Location: Homewood School, Tenterden
Concessions £168.00

Sketchbook - Mediative and Playful Exploration of Ideas

CAN/117173/M/LC Location: Canterbury Adult Education Centre, Canterbury