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Creative Writing courses

Join a Creative Writing course and learn to write in a wide variety of different genres. Our expert tutors will encourage you to use a range of different resources to inspire your own writing style. During your course you will have the opportunity to explore different narrative techniques, styles, tones and engage in recording your thoughts and ideas. Explore poetry, fictional writing and more with our range of real time, online Creative Writing courses.

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Creative Writing for All - Centre Based

MAR/109582/K/LC Location: Margate Adult Education Centre, Margate

Creative Writing - Memories and Memoirs - Online Live

ONL/109018/K/NC Location: Delivered online

Creative Writing - Develop your Skills - Online Live

ONL/109032/K/LC Location: Delivered online

Creative Writing - Advanced - Online Live

ONL/109038/K/LC Location: Delivered online

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Creative Writing - Writing in a Binary and non-Binary World - Online Live

ONL/108315/K/NC Location: Delivered online

Creative Writing - Journal for Joy - Online Live

ONL/109084/K/NC Location: Delivered online

Creative Writing - The Final Edit - Monthly Meetings - Centre Based

TON/108325/K/NC Location: Tonbridge Adult Education Centre, Tonbridge

Creative Writing for All - Create Charismatic Characters - Centre Based

DAR/107045/K/NC Location: Dartford Adult Education Centre, Dartford

Creative Writing for Wellbeing - Online Live

ONL/109076/K/NC Location: Delivered online

Staff Course - Teaching and Learning in a Non-Binary age - Getting up to Speed - Online Live

ONL/112168/K/NC Location: Delivered online