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Creative Writing for All - Centre Based

Day of week:
Dartford Adult Education Centre, Dartford
Mixed Level
10:00 - 12:00
6 weeks

Dartford Centre

Love to write but can never find the time, let alone the inspiration? If this sounds like you, then this course will change that!

Each week will provide you with the opportunity to write and then share your writing with your peers: writing poetry, autobiography, radio plays, flash fiction and short stories.

On a typical week, the lesson will begin with an exploration of how to write a poem – anything from a Shakespearean Sonnet to Wilbur’s Rubliw (brontosaurus fan anyone?) and then share with the group - a zoom poetry slam! Your tutor will also provide you with a weekly prose writing prompt which you will complete as homework and then share the following lesson. You will be given tutor and peer verbal feedback to enable you to improve and evaluate your writing. (40 minutes poetry/15 minute break/1 hour sharing and feedback/10minute prompt reveal).

Writing is subjective, and you will become part of a writing community that will act as a ready made audience for your craft. Students will also be encouraged to share any writing that they have been working on independently – for example: extracts of their own novel.

Students will be given the opportunity on week 8 to hand in a piece of work of their choice (word count TBC) to the tutor and gain written feedback.

‘By the end of this course, you will have

• written 15 different types of poetry forms and shared with the group
• Written multiple short stories to a given prompt, in more than one genre.
• Shared writing with your peers, given and received feedback
• Developed a large portfolio of writing
• Gained confidence in our writing through sharing with an audience.

How will I be taught?

Your tutor will create a supportive environment that encourages students to evaluate their own work and to give constructive criticism of other's work. If you have a disability and think it may affect your learning in the classroom, or using any of our other services, please speak to us in confidence as soon as possible. We will discuss options with you and do our best to provide the support you need.
Initial assessment will be carried out at the beginning of the course to assess individual skill level. Each student's starting point will be recorded on an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and targets will be set. This will be revisited from time to time during the course to monitor and record progress. Tutors will mark homework and give written or verbal feedback.

What can I do next?

More Creative Writing courses are available. Your tutor can advise in class, or speak to us. All courses can be found on

What do I need to join the course

A good standard of written and spoken English is essential to fully participate in course.

This creative writing course is intended for people who have attended introductory courses or those with prior experience of creative writing and who wish to develop these techniques to improve the ability of their writing to engage its intended readership. If you think you have a disability and you think it may adversely affect your learning in the classroom or any of our resources please discuss these concerns with us in confidence. We will discuss options with you and endeavor to support your needs

Getting to your course

Find us

Dartford Adult Education Centre
Summerhill Road

If you require any information about this location then please call 03000 41 22 22* and quote the Course Code DAR/116477/M/LC.