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White buildings in Greece overlooking the sea

Greek Intermediate - Workshop - Online Live

Day of week:
Real time Online
Level 2
10:00 - 13:00
1 week

This is an online course delivered using Zoom, in real time with live interaction with your tutor and fellow learners.
This course is designed to provide you with opportunities to further consolidate the language that you have been studying to date.
You will be able to study, analyse and translate more complete written texts, but above all, to improve your fluency through a much greater reliance on oral communication.

How will I be taught?

The primary emphasis will be on communication, with coursework designed to encourage you to share your ideas and opionions, in Greek, through discussion of topics related to Greek culture and lifestyle. You will be expected to use various sources, including the internet, to gather information on such topics and to present your findings originally in class.

What do I need to have with me?

Greek/English and English/Greek dictionaries in hard back or electronic form and internet connection. Some study materials, in various formats, will be provided by the tutor but you will be encouraged to acquire more for yourself for use in class.

A notebook, pen and a file for handouts etc.

What can I do next?

Your tuor will be able to advise.

What do I need to join the course

You will need to have already completed the Greek Beginners Plus course or courses of an equivalent difficult level.

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Joining your course

Real time Online
Instructions will be sent to you by your tutor

Click here for more details.

If you require any information about joining this online course then please call 03000 41 40 25* and quote the Course Code CAN/92006/J/NC.

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