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Latin Beginners - Get Started with Latin - Online Live

Day of week:
Delivered online
Mixed Level
10:00 - 12:00
4 weeks

This is an online course delivered using Zoom, in real time with live interaction with your tutor and fellow learners.

Please note this course will run on 4 th and 11th October, 1st and 15th November.

This is an 4 week introduction Latin course showing some basics of the Latin language and some of the history and culture of Ancient Rome.
By the end of the course, successful students will be able to
- recognise words ending within the 5 declensions
- translate a selection of sentences on the topics studied
- apprehend the basics of Latin grammar (such as absence of articles)
- explain in English the main aspects of history and culture studied

Who is the tutor?

About the Tutor: Selene Genovesi

Selene has a Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages and Literature and an MA in Literary Translation.
She has always had a great passion for all literatures and has started studying (and then teaching) languages to be able to read more books!
She is currently member of many “borderless” clubs in English and Italian, devouring classic and contemporary titles, as well as being an avid reader of Literary Criticism magazines and blogs online.

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How will I be taught?

We will use a mixture of tutor input, discussion and group and pair work as appropriate. Students may converse in pairs or groups, with participants of different levels and skills with the aim to encourage everyone to contribute and progress.
Initial assessment will be carried out at the beginning of the course to assess individual skill level. Each student's starting point will be recorded on an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and targets will be set. This will be revisited at the end of the course to monitor and record progress. Tutors will give verbal feedback on your progress based on the work you do and your contribution.

What do I need to have with me?

Handouts will be provided; please bring writing materials for note taking.

What can I do next?

You could move onto one of our longer Latin courses. The tutor will be able to advise or visit our website:

What do I need to join the course

There are no requirements for joining the course other than a sense of curiosity. All are welcome.
Maybe you’ve never studied Latin or have studied in the past and want to know if it’s worth picking up again. Either way this course is for you and will light your way to one of our longer Latin courses.

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Joining your course

Delivered online

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If you require any information about joining this online course then please call 03000 41 22 22* and quote the Course Code ONL/118086/M/LC.