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Strength, Flexibility and Resistance Training - Online Live

Day of week:
Real time Online
Mixed Level
19:00 - 20:00
6 weeks

This course follows a programme of boxing and martial arts techniques. Students on this course will develop an awareness of their surroundings in a personal safety aspect and be able to identify and deal with potentially dangerous personal situations such as physical confrontation, being restrained and be able to protect themselves from slaps, grabs and pulls. Being attacked with objects will also be covered along with all aspects of being safe.

This course has elements on:

The law and how it affects self defence including boxing and martial arts
Using your surroundings to make you safe
Basic release techniques
Basic strikes
Ways to get help and alert people
Safety in night clubs and pubs

How will I be taught?

You will be taught by a qualified and experienced Self Defence tutor.

What do I need to have with me?

You will need supportive, comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement. Denim jeans, formal trousers, skirts or dress are not suitable for this activity.
Students may wish to bring a towel. Please bring water and avoid eating one and a half hours prior to exercising.

What can I do next?

Students from this course have gone onto other courses. Please visit our website or look at our brochure.

What do I need to join the course

There are no pre requsites to this course.

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Joining your course

Real time Online
Instructions will be sent to you by your tutor

Click here for more details.

If you require any information about joining this online course then please call 03000 41 40 25* and quote the Course Code GRA/94127/J/NC.

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