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Person rolling out a yoga mat indoors
New Course

Yoga HIIT - Centre Based

Day of week:
Broadstairs Adult Education Centre, Broadstairs
Mixed Level
12:00 - 13:00
10 weeks

This Yoga HIIT course will be delivered face-to-face from Broadstairs Adult Education Centre. The course will combine classic yoga postures with high-intensity, cardio-based flows that will get your heart pumping and your muscles working, along with slower stretches to relieve any tension. Your tutor will explain the benefits and how you can apply them to your daily life and you will be recommended to practice regularly at home.

At the end of the course students should:
- Be able to demonstrate and hold a variety of postures using correct alignment;
- Be able to practice control of breath to assist relaxation and stamina;
- Be able to identify the benefits of Yoga practice;
- Be able to link a number of postures to perform a flowing sequence;
- Be able to demonstrate postures with awareness of relevant Health and safety.

How will I be taught?

You will be taught by a qualified instructor. Teaching methods will include demonstration, explanation, discussion and times for question and answer sessions. Your tutor will demonstrate movements and talk you through all exercises. You will be required to complete a pre course health and fitness questionnaire and during the lessons you will be carefully observed to ensure that you are working safely. You will also be encouraged to monitor and record your progression through the course on an Individual Learning Plan, which your tutor will also use to give you feedback on your progress. At the end of the course you and your tutor will assess the progress you have made.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a non-slip mat intended for Yoga, a blanket and socks for relaxation, and a bottle of water. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, you may be asked to exercise in bare feet.

What can I do next?

Specialist advice is available from your tutor to help identify the next suitable course for you.

What do I need to join the course

This course is suitable for all, as it is a mixed ability group. People of all ages, beginners and those with some experience of Yoga are all equally welcome.

Please take a moment to consider the list below. If you have suffered from any of the conditions listed, please check with a medical practitioner whether it is suitable for you to undertake an exercise programme and bring a referral letter from your doctor to your tutor. If you have not checked, or if it is not suitable, please do not participate in this class.

- Do you ever have pains in your chest?
- Have you had any operations or injuries in the last year?
- Do you often feel faint or have spells of dizziness?
- Are you receiving medication for any condition?
- Do you have high blood pressure?
- Do you have a bone or joint problem, such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Back or knee

Pregnant students should not attend classes until they are at least 16 weeks pregnant

If you have a disability and think it may affect your learning in the classroom, or using any of our other services, please speak to us in confidence as soon as possible. We will discuss options with you and do our best to provide the support you would like.

Getting to your course

Find us

Broadstairs Adult Education Centre
Hilderstone Centre
St. Peters Road
CT10 2JW

If you require any information about this location then please call 03000 41 22 22* and quote the Course Code BRO/120467/M/LC.