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Super Saturday

Date and Time: 17/11/2018 09:00 - 16:00

Location: Dartford Adult Education Centre

Saturday the 17th November is Super Saturday at Dartford Adult Education Centre. 

From Hindi for Beginners, and Cake Decorating to A Day of Woodwork, come and try something new.

Click the courses below for more information:

DAR/71304/G/NC  Beauty - Dramatic Eyes

DAR/65323/G/NC  Italian Beginners For Your Travels - Try Session

DAR/70525/G/NC      Helping Managers Cope with Staff Mental Health

DAR/65315/G/NC  Hindi Beginners -Try Session

DAR/66358/G/LC  Floristry - Floristry - A Christmas Wreath

DAR/66374/G/LC  Cake Decorating - Christmas Cupcakes

DAR/67082/G/LC  Digital Photography - Portraits

DAR/66418/G/LC  Using an Overlocker - Essential Skills for Beginners

DAR/70282/G/NC  Sage - Introduction

DAR/68265/G/NC  Creative Writing - Discover Your Imaginative Potential

DAR/66342/G/LC  A Day of Woodwork - Basic Skills 

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