Are you a parent or carer? | Kent Adult Education

Are you a parent or carer?

Family courses help dads, mums and carers to gain confidence, find out how to support their children’s learning and to improve their own skills – and to have a great time with their children while they’re doing it.

We run our courses in local schools, children’s centres, faith venues and other community centres.

Courses are run free of charge in priority locations. Where a community does not meet these criteria we are very happy to make the same offer at a very competitive price.

Courses include:

  • making kites
  • bug hunting
  • salt dough modelling
  • helping children with homework
  • healthy eating
  • family English
  • managing children's behaviour

Some courses help with English and maths skills so you can understand more about what your children are doing in school and help with homework

Some courses help parents tackle everyday family issues and help parents and children enjoy family life.

Contact your children’s centre, your children’s school or local community centre to see what’s available.