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Blue Monday Special - Free Taster Pilates - In Centre - BRO/116333/K/NC

Location: Broadstairs Adult Education Centre, Broadstairs

Pilates is a form of body conditioning that concentrates on building strength from the core of the body. It can help improve posture, muscular strength, mobility and breathing technique. A variety of exercises are performed, flowing smoothly from one to the other whilst focusing on technique and control.

Each class will have a varied theme and will build upon the last class. Themes will include: standing with correct posture; basic knowledge of alignment; breathing patterns; working the abdominals; movements to help improve back and spinal mobility, hip, thigh and leg exercises.

By the end of this course you should be able to: Use core muscles effectively, practice lateral breathing, perform muscular strength and endurance exercises, have a working knowledge of how to improve standing posture, have a working knowledge of how to improve sitting posture, identify how to work at a comfortable level depending on your own ability.

You will need to be able to follow verbal instructions, observe and copy physical movements and use spatial awareness within a group.

Although there is no specific work set outside of the class, students will gain most benefit if exercises are performed regularly and practised between classes.