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Family First Aid and Creative courses

Understanding your Teenager

This online course is for mothers, fathers and carers with children
This is an adult only course.

Family Learning courses are engagement courses, helping families move back into learning. All the courses are FREE. Learners can attend up to two Wider Family Learning (WFL) and Parenting courses from August 1st 2020, and can then progress onto a Family English, Maths and Language course. Priority for places is given to new learners

It is designed to: Enable parents to positively discuss the changes experienced by adolescents and their families and how to best support their teens grow into happy and confident adults.

Parenting courses are not interventions and the tutor will not tell parents “how it’s done,” rather they are discussion-based with time to share experiences, ideas, concerns and possible solutions.

Content will include all/some of the following:
Tutors will facilitate and encourage discussion in a secure environment, the expectations and concerns of the learners will be used to inform the planning and content of the course to meet learners' needs.

• A look at adolescent development and the impact on the family.
• A discussion on appropriate expectations.
• Ideas for problem solving and negotiation techniques.
• Discussion on positive communication skills and how to practise them.