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Premium Club Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a member of Premium Club and Club60?

Unfortunately not. Premium club is available to anyone between the ages of 19-59, whereas Club60 is designed for our learners who are 60+.

Put simply, how does the scheme work?

Providing you are signed up to Premium Club, when learners enrol on a course, they gain points depending on their total basket value. Accrued points can then be converted into discount vouchers by learners, which they can then redeem against courses in the future.

How can I join Premium Club or find out if I am a member?

Depending on whether you already have an online Kent Adult Education account follow the instructions below.

Current learners (I have an account) – Sign in and select “My Account”, select to view your Marketing Preferences. Select the Premium Club checkbox providing you are eligible you will be redirected to the Premium Club hub. If this box is already ticked then congratulations, you are already a member.

New learners (I don’t have an account) – If you are a new learner who has yet to create an account then you can become a member when you sign up for the first time. Simply create an account, enter your details and select the “Register for Premium Club” checkbox when you sign up.

How are points calculated?

Points are based on spend levels where £1 spent equals 5 points. The total value of your transaction is rounded down to the nearest pound so £1.50 would equal £1, and therefore 5 points.

Future course purchases will also accrue reward/discounts based on the net value of your shopping basket using the same pound to points ratio as above.

Any reward/discount earned is based on the payment received – the net value of the shopping basket after all concession and discounts.

Points cannot be awarded retrospectively.

How can I check how many points I have?

You can check how many points you have accrued by logging into My Account and selecting Premium Club.

I have previously enrolled on a course before I was a Premium Club member – am I now entitled to points?

Unfortunately not - points can only be accrued from the point you have become a Premium Club member and not retrospectively.

How can I convert my points into a discount voucher?

When you have enough points for either a 5%, 10% or 15% discount log into the website and visit the Premium Club hub via the My Account link in the top right hand corner.

Click the green “Convert” button and your points will be turned into a discount code. Make a note of your discount code, and when you are ready to enrol on a course don’t forget to apply it upon checkout.

How long does a Premium Club gift voucher last for?

Reward/discount codes generated using Premium Club points will be time limited to one year (365 days) for redemption. This means that you should only convert points into discount vouchers if you intend to use them within one year.

Can I convert my discount vouchers back into Premium Club points?

Unfortunately there is no functionality which can currently do this, so please only convert your points if you are 100% sure you will use your discount voucher.

Why didn’t I receive any points for my recent transaction?

Accredited courses, Partnership courses, Pay As You Go courses and course codes ending in NC are not included in the Premium Club promotion. Reward points/discount codes cannot be used to purchase these courses and will not be given after enrolment.

Can I join as an overseas or non-funded student?

Whilst overseas or non-funded students can technically join Premium Club, they will be unable to accrue points due to Government funding rules.

If I claim a refund will I still get any points?

You may choose to pay by standing order, if so, discounts will be achieved based on the net value of the shopping basket. However, we reserve the right, should you default on the payment terms, to re-apply the discount in order to reclaim any monies owed.

If you withdraw part way through a course and receive a partial refund your reward points will be reduced to reflect the money paid.

Where can I read more information?

You can read the full terms and conditions here, or return to the Premium Club page by clicking here.