Confident Communication - Secrets from the Actors | Dartford Adult Education Centre

Confident Communication - Secrets from the Actors at Dartford Adult Education Centre

Confident Communication - Secrets from the Actors at Dartford Adult Education Centre

Price: £50.00 Starts: 24/03/2018 Time: 10:00 - 15:00
Tutor: Ends: 24/03/2018 Location: Dartford Adult Education Centre
Level: Mixed Level Day of Week: SAT Duration: 1 weeks

About this course

This course takes enjoyable games developed and used by theatre performers to enhance physical and mental presence and applies them to developing a confident and happy persona at home or at work or both.

How will I be taught?

The course will be highly experiential and you will participate in exercises led by the tutor.
Our teaching methods include demonstration, explanation, discussion and times for question and answer sessions. Your tutor will demonstrate movements and talk you through all exercises. You will be carefully observed to ensure that you are working safely. At the start of your course you will be asked to complete an Individual Learning Plan which includes your Initial Assessment of your own fitness levels and will be used by you and your tutors to reflect on and monitor your progress. Your tutor will also use this information to ensure that all of your personal goals are achieved and provide individual support where necessary. At the end of the course you and your tutor are asked to assess the progress you have made.

What do I need to bring with me?

Loose clothing and comfortable footwear is recommended.

What can I do next?

Specialist advice is available from your tutor to help identify the next suitable course for you. Alternatively visit our website

What do I need to join the course

Free your mind and experience healthy, relaxing ways of being in the present. Increased productivity, confidence in new situations and lowered anxiety are some of the rewards of joining this seriously enjoyable course. No previous experience needed.

Awareness of habitual roles we ‘play’ in life.
Learning to respond to others and to situations rather than react to others.
Basic confidence and self-presentation skills developed through games, play and improvisations.
Basic assertiveness developed through games.
How to engage with others and communicate with ease.
How to enhancing relationships at home and at work.
How to apply skills learned in the class to life outside the class.
Some basic neuroscience to back up the importance of playful interaction for human health and resilience.

Getting there

Dartford Adult Education Centre
Summerhill Road

If you require any information about this location then please call 03000 41 2222 and quote the Course Code DAR/57785/F/NC.
Course Code: DAR/57785/F/NC Book Now

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