Acrylic Painting for All | Tunbridge Wells Adult Education

Acrylic Painting for All at Tunbridge Wells Adult Education

Acrylic Painting for All at Tunbridge Wells Adult Education

Price: £143.00 Starts: 09/01/2018 Time: 13:00 - 15:30
Tutor: Ends: 20/03/2018 Location: Tunbridge Wells Adult Education
Level: Mixed Level Day of Week: TUE Duration: 10 weeks

About this course

This Art course covers painting techniques using acrylic paints. You will learn about colour mixing and a variety of methods to apply the paint, both diluted and straight from the tube, such as layering, glazing, scumbling, sgraffito, etc. There will be a variety of subject matter throughout the course including Still Life. You will be encouraged to look at other artists whether historical or contemporary to support your paintings.
By the end of the course you will be able to:
Demonstrate colour mixing through your paintings
Use 4 or more different Acrylic painting techniques in your work
Produce al least 3 complete paintings one of which is a Still Life
Be aware of and work to relevant Health and Safety guidelines

How will I be taught?

Tutors will use a variety of teaching methods including demonstrations, one to one guidance, group discussions and critiques. You will look at the work of contemporary and historical artists and you will keep a sketchbook/notebook and individual learning plan (ILP) to record goals, ideas, processes and progress. You will undertake critical reflection and evaluation and be motivated to develop creative skills and enhance/develop personal skills.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you are a new student and have no materials please wait for your tutor's advice on what to buy. You will need to provide your own materials and these will vary in cost according to the course requirements. Please do not buy anything especially for the course before it starts, but bring along to the first session anything you have already that you think will be useful.

What can I do next?

Longer or different Art courses or a further acrylics course.

What do I need to join the course

Students with all levels of experience are welcome on this course who would like to explore painting using acrylic paints, as the projects are differentiated for the individual.
It is important to note that craft courses are practical and require a degree of manual dexterity. If you need to bring a carer or another adult with you please contact the Curriculum Leader.

Getting there

Tunbridge Wells Adult Education
Monson Road
Tunbridge Wells
Tunbridge Wells

If you require any information about this location then please call 03000 41 2222 and quote the Course Code TWL/55584/F/LC.
Course Code: TWL/55584/F/LC Book Now

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