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Christmas wreath making

Wreath making course experience

Working as a Marketing Executive for Kent Adult Education inspired me to try one of our Craft courses this festive season. Last weekend I experienced one of our Floristry Wreath Making courses at Maidstone Adult Education Centre and came away wanting to learn another new skill...

I wasn't sure what to expect as I have never joined a course before and hadn't any experience in floristry. Jackie Brooks, our tutor for the course and professional florist, welcomed our class with a big smile and full of enthusiasm for her work. She started off the class showing us how to build the wreath using straw, a hoop and wire and then let us begin our own using winter foliage that we all had bought from home or in my case collected from a winter walk in the park.

Jackie made sure we all knew what we were doing and would help us by coming to each of our individual tables and giving us assistance if needed. She would then show us each step of the wreath making process while we worked on our own wreath, such as adding the foliage, decorations and how to tie the bow on at the end.

I felt really encouraged by Jackie and others in the class as we all complimented each others work and shared our experience of learning something new. While working we enjoyed a chat, a mince pie and a Christmas non-alcoholic drink which was really nice after the last couple of years we have all had.

I walked away from the course full of excitement to show my family and friends the wreath I had made and to share my wonderful experience that I had trying something new.

Wreath making

Before and after...

Firstly we wired straw to our hoops before adding our foliage and decorations. Everyone's wreaths were unique to which foliage and decorations they added.

Wreath making course

The finished project

Here I am delighted with my wreath on the right and ready to take home to put on my front door.