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Spreading the cost of your course

To help with the cost of attending a course you can spread the payments over time.
Booking a course and paying by Standing Order is simple. Select your course and go to the online checkout in the normal way. When you arrive at the payment page you will be offered the choice to pay by debit/credit card or by Standing Order. Select Standing Order. You will then need to make an initial payment of 25%. The remaining balance will spread over a number of months according to the table below:

Price BandingsNumber of Payments
£70.00 to £250.0025% deposit + 3 monthly payments
£251.00 to £400.0025% deposit + 4 monthly payments
£401.00 to £600.0025% deposit + 5 monthly payments
£601.00 to £850.0025% deposit + 6 monthly payments
£851.00 to £1,00025% deposit + 7 monthly payments
£1,001 to £2,00025% deposit + 8 monthly payments
£2,001 +25% deposit + 9 monthly payments

Please be aware:

  • Only courses that cost £70.00 or more are eligible
  • Payment instalments may vary depending on Course duration
  • The full amount must be paid even if you do not complete the course
  • Standing orders will depend on your enrolment date and the course end date. Therefore it may not always be possible to pay for your course by this method as we require sufficient time for the standing order mandate to reach your bank/building society and for all instalments to be paid and received before the course end date

You will receive an email from us containing details of how to set up your standing order, along with your enrolment receipt. Please follow the instructions on the email, if you have any queries please contact us.