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Bespoke courses

Are you looking for something fun and different to do with a small group of friends or family? We can offer a range of Bespoke courses, tailored just for you. These courses provide a unique experience with KAE and the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends while having fun.

Our Bespoke courses are designed to be flexible to suit you and your lifestyle. We have included some examples of the type of courses you may wish to try below. If you have an idea for something different, contact us and we will try to provide this for you.

You can enjoy creating your own floral display, decorating a cake, sewing a cushion cover and much more. All you need to do is find a group of between one and six people who are interested in joining the same course and contact us. A member of our team will then be in touch to discuss your query further with you.

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Join a Bespoke course with up to six members of your family or friends and enjoy trying something different. If you would prefer to try something different to the suggestions below, contact us and we will try and provide this for you.

Course titleMaximum peopleDelivery methodCourse information
Bespoke course - Floristry - Seasonal Door Wreath6Online or Face to FaceCreate a beautiful door wreath with fresh seasonal flowers and foliage.
Bespoke course - Floristry - Hand-tied bouquet6Online or Face to FaceMake a gorgeous versatile hand-tied bouquet, this technique can be used for a wide variety of flowers and could be used for weddings or gifts.
Bespoke course - Cake Decorating - Piping Cupcakes6Online or Face to FaceLearn a variety of piping techniques including how to create 2 tone flowers.
Bespoke course - Cake Decorating - Novelty Cupcakes6Online or Face to FaceMake a set of novelty cupcake toppers from fondant icing, choose from your own theme - Baby Shower, Wild Animals, Christmas, Pirates, Princesses, Under the Sea, Birthday or Wedding.
Bespoke course - Cake Decorating - Cover a Cake with Fondant Icing6Online or Face to FaceLearn to successfully cover a cake using a crumb-coat and fondant icing to create a neat smooth finish.
Bespoke course - Cake Decorating - Design and Make Wired Sugar Flowers6Face to FaceCreate a variety of wired sugar flowers that are a beautiful addition to any cake.
Bespoke course - Cake Decorating - Learn to Pipe with Royal Icing6Face to FaceAchieve a professional finish to your cakes by learning different piping techniques.
Bespoke course - Cake Decorating - Cupcake Decorating with Children6Face to FaceA fun, informal course suitable for a family to do together or for a children's party.
Bespoke course - Cake Decorating - Cover and Decorate a Celebration Cake6Face to FaceOur Cake Decorating tutor will give expert guidance and tuition on how to decorate a cake for a special event or a loved one.
Bespoke course - Sewing - Start to Sew - Make a Cushion Cover6Online or Face to FaceA beginners sewing class covering the basics of using a sewing machine to create a beautiful cushion cover.
Bespoke course - Sewing - Start to Sew - Make Pyjama Trousers6Online or Face to FaceMake yourself a comfortable pair of pyjama trousers, learn to easily sew a waistband, crotch seam and hem.
Bespoke course - Art - One to One Critiques1Online or Face to FaceDiscuss your work collaboratively with one of our Art tutors who will give expert guidance and feedback.
Bespoke course - Art - Art Party6Online or Face to FaceBe creative and have fun with friends or family under the guidance of our Art Tutor.
Bespoke course - Art - Building an Art Portfolio6Online or Face to FaceA quality portfolio is a gateway to further and higher education. You will get expert guidance from our tutor on how to assemble a portfolio that will have impact.
Bespoke course - Art - One to One or Small Group Art Clinic1Online or Face to FaceIf you struggle with certain aspects of your art practice, this valuable one to one or small group guidance will help to develop your practice.
Bespoke course - Team Building Art - The Art of Communication6Face to FaceOne person sees the drawing and tries to describe it to various team members who pass that information onto a final person who attempts to draw the picture. This activity is designed to improve communication.
Bespoke course - Team Building Art - Shared Drawing6Face to FaceEasels are set up in a classroom around a still life. Participants begin their drawing, then without warning are asked to move drawing stations, so that they occupy the easel of the neighbour to the right and so on. This activity is designed to improve empathy and appreciation for individual creative contributions in a team environment.
Bespoke course - Team Building Art - Bad Drawing6Online or Face to FaceParticipants are asked to draw a 'bad' drawing. Then they are asked to draw a 'good' drawing. All the works are put up on the wall for the group to critique and discuss. The intention of the exercise is to expose vulnerability as an important tool in personal and team based creation.
Bespoke course - Make your own Wedding Rings2Face to FaceAdd special significance to your wedding vows by making your own wedding rings using 9 or 18 carat gold.