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Drawing courses

Our Drawing courses will introduce you to a range of different media and techniques to help you create a truly unique masterpiece. From drawing and sketching to taking your first steps in pen and ink, we have a range of different drawing courses designed for learners of all abilities.

If you are a complete beginner or aren’t too sure which aspect of drawing you would like to focus on, take a look at our taster courses which are designed to offer an insight before enrolling on a full Drawing course. If you are a learner who already draws at home but would like to explore new ideas, inspiration or learn new drawing techniques, our courses provide the opportunity to join a tutor and a group of learners with similar aims to find new ways of working.

Take inspiration from contemporary and historical artists to discover a new perspective and learn the technical skills of drawing in charcoal, pencil, pastels, and ink. Our subject specialist tutors will show you different techniques through demonstration and collaborative learning. Join a Drawing course with us in centre or online and in real time and enjoy interacting with like-minded people as you discover a new hobby or learn new drawing skills.

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Drawing - Improvers

MAI/115821/K/NC Location: St Faiths Adult Education Centre, Maidstone

Only 3 places remaining

Drawing - Coloured Pencil - Birds and Feathers

TWL/113984/K/NC Location: Royal Victoria Place , Tunbridge Wells

This course is full

This course is currently full and online booking is not possible. Please call 03000 41 22 22* to register your interest. We will contact you directly if we can accommodate you.

Pen and Ink - Online Live

ONL/116218/K/NC Location: Delivered online

A Beginners Guide to Drawing - Online Live

ONL/113998/K/NC Location: Delivered online

A Day of Drawing and Sketching Animals - Online Live

ONL/114640/K/NC Location: Delivered online

A Beginners Guide to Drawing - Online Live

ONL/113876/K/NC Location: Delivered online

Drawing - Developing Skills and Ideas

CAN/115681/K/NC Location: Canterbury Adult Education Centre, Canterbury

A Beginners Guide to Drawing Portraits - In Centre

CAN/115587/K/NC Location: Canterbury Adult Education Centre, Canterbury