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Club60 Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to register for my Club60 membership?

If you have purchased courses via the Kent Adult Education (KAE) website prior to October 2011 you will need to re-register online.  Please click the ‘Sign Up Now’ link on the Club60 web page and fill out your details.

If you have made an online purchase after this time all you will need to do is upgrade your registration to activate your Club60 membership. Please click the ‘Already registered? Then login and upgrade’

Alternatively, if you are new to KAE, you will need to register by clicking the ‘Sign Up Now’ link.  To register online you will need a valid email address. You will be prompted to create a membership profile including a user name (your email address) and password of your choice, as well as contact details such as your postal address and telephone numbers.

I share an email address.  Can I still register online?

Unfortunately, should a user and their partner/friend or family member share the same email address they will be unable to create two separate Club 60 accounts.  Similar to other websites, once an email address is linked to a user, this email address cannot be used in registration again.  Therefore the user and their partner/friend or relative will need to use two separate email addresses to both join and subsequently benefit from the Club 60 scheme.

We suggest that you contact your ISP (Internet Service provider), who can assist you in setting up an additional email address account or alternatively, there are several email providers on the market with whom you can set up a free email account which can then be used at your leisure.

I have attempted to register but got stuck.

There are different ways we can assist with your registration.  You can email Club60 directly at, you can call in at your local Kent Adult Education Centre and ask one of our staff to
help or you can call our customer helpline on 03000 41 22 22.

I cannot remember my login details?

When you registered for membership you would have been sent a confirmation email detailing your username (excluding your chosen password).  Assuming that you are on the ‘login screen’ and that you can’t remember your password you can click the green ‘forgotten password’ link which will then prompt you to enter your registered email address.  You will then be sent an email from reminding you of your username and issuing you with a new password.  Within this email there will be a link to log in to your account.  You can also do this from the homepage of the Club60 page or the KAE website.  You can then update your password to something more memorable.  As a security precaution we would advise that when you re-set your password you use something different to other online accounts that you may have.