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Are you an organisation working with children and families?

We run our courses in local schools, children’s centres, faith venues and other community centres and courses.

Family courses are informative, practical and fun offering a great opportunity for parents, carers and their children to enjoy quality time together learning new skills or maybe discovering some old ones. We run courses across a wide range of subjects and there is no pressure to reach a particular standard on any of them. Learners enjoy our courses and find they boost confidence and self-esteem.

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All our courses are taught by experienced, qualified staff.

Courses are run free of charge in priority locations. Where a community does not meet the right criteria, we are very happy to make the same offer at a very competitive price.

Some courses are designed specifically to help parents and carers support their child at school and with homework, focusing particularly on English, Maths and language and helping parents understand and have confidence about ever-changing teaching methods in school.

We offer a wide range of practical courses which enable parents and carers of children aged from 0 to 16 to learn about the development of language, literacy and numeracy skills and at the same time to recognise any areas for development in their own skills. They also provide ideas for activities which parents can do at home with their children. Courses are for adults and children to learn together or, sometimes, for adults to work alone.

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Some courses are designed for learners whose first language is not English. They support both adult and child in developing their skills and confidence in using English language with practical sessions focused around the family and community activity. People will be able to work on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through everyday topics including school links, health issues, shopping, workplace and transport.

Some courses help parents tackle everyday family issues and help parents and children enjoy family life.

Courses can lead adults to accreditation in English and Maths and can help adults recognise and develop their skills for paid employment and volunteering as well as for further learning.